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Clinical Insourcing - Ireland

Specialist clinical insourcing support to boost surgical capacity and reduce patient waiting lists across HSE hospitals

Global Medics is a qualified member of HSE Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the provision of insourcing services for clinical procedures.

Our services can be tailored to provide the support HSE hospitals need to increase surgical activity and relieve elective care waiting list pressures.  

About Us

Our operational and clinical leads have many years of direct experience handling large-scale surgery and recovery services. Their expertise in waiting list management is strengthened by our recognised network of clinical governance and healthcare workforce specialists. 

As one of Ireland's largest and most experienced clinical staffing providers, we understand healthcare workforce challenges better than most.

Patient safety is our priority. Our solutions are proven to maximise workforce utilisation and clear backlogs quickly and effectively, without compromising on the patient experience.
Our clinical leads, coders and surgical insourcing experts work in tandem with our staffing specialists and governance board to provide a broad and multi-faceted managed service.

How does it work? 

We can deliver support 7 days a week across multiple specialties

Our approach is quite different to traditional insourcing providers. We use your trusted local staff for insourcing sessions, to increase your capacity in a truly sustainable and effective way.

Your clinical leads stay in complete control and working patterns are carefully managed to ensure local staffing capacity is never impacted.

We work to a 6-4-2 rota planning principle:

  • 6 weeks in advance the consultant team is confirmed
  • 4 weeks in advance the surgical team is confirmed
  • 2 weeks in advance the patients are confirmed

This ensures optimal utilisation for both sides and mirrors best practice. Our process flows are based on mapping ‘who, how, what and where’ each activity takes place with each step on the patient pathway recorded. Our teams work closely onsite with your local teams to ensure rotas and volumes of staff are sufficient to complete planned activity levels, without compromising safety or the patient experience.

Insourcing Explained

Clinical Insourcing providers manage the delivery of extra medical services (e.g. surgical and diagnostic procedures) using HSE hospital facilities. The purpose is to boost service outputs in line with national waiting list targets.

Are you a healthcare employer interested in our services?

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