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Workforce Solutions

By working in partnership with our clients we can tailor the most effective relationship model to meet both current and future recruitment plans.

At the start of any new client relationship we formally analyse your current recruitment management and processes to:

  • Develop and agree the key outcomes with you
  • Prepare and present a detailed report outlining projected cost savings, efficiency gains and the best matched supply options for you.

The client needs’ analysis will give you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your current management system and provide an overview of the hard facts required to make short and long term decisions for your organisation. On the basis of our findings we can then provide a proposed action plan and a six-month rolling recruitment plan.

Usage Review

We work with your business managers and recruitment teams to identify staffing expenditure and usage patterns to identify where cost savings may be made.

Depending on the data available, we would review the locum usage (each week and per site) over a set period of time. We would also review the associated spend, shift patterns and specialties of the locum shifts.

By reviewing your usage we can then go on to develop a regional locum pool and bank to meet these needs, creating significant cost savings and benefit to you as an organisation.

The review will include:

  • Order review – this part of the review gives clients an insight into where the ordering system may be letting them down or can be improved upon – such as, the length of time taken to place an order and the speed of response and fulfilment.
  • Payment process – the management of time sheets and invoices can be both costly and time consuming. We will monitor approval and payment processes, recommend cost saving opportunities and estimate direct and indirect savings to your organisation.

Process Review

We work with key end users, such as your relevant personnel, to identify how they order doctors and interact with recruitment agencies for each locality. By fully understanding the process we can implement an employer branding plan to ensure continuity and consistency in all communication with candidates.

What’s Involved?

The reorganisation of the supply chain supporting the use of locums and permanent recruitment can be a complex and time consuming project; however it can have a dramatic effect on reducing costs and improving your organisation’s efficiency.

Our review of both current processes and future needs will enable us to put a six month rolling plan into action and includes:

  • Usage review and recommendations – results will be broken down by locality, time, supplier and context
  • Process review and recommendations – a review of findings and a proposal for an order process to be managed centrally and for use with secondary providers, alongside details of where fiscal and efficiency savings can be made.

Implementation of management information

From our findings we will be able to benchmark the operations in both permanent and temporary recruitment and build a host of management implementation tools to use including:

Permanent recruitment

  • CVs per vacancy
  • CVs to interview ratio
  • Interview to placement ratio
  • Fill rate – total number of vacancies filled to total number of vacancies
  • Time to fill – vacancy notification to job acceptance to job start.

Locum engagement

  • Hour per week/month used
  • Usage by location
  • Length of average fill (days utilised per locum job)
  • Fill rate.

In addition, we will be able to propose bespoke back office and finance support, including the use of a web portal for vacancy notification and weekly consolidated locum invoicing.

On-demand Recruitment

Many clients work with us on an ad hoc basis when they need to source doctors for a one-off requirement. We can search and select candidates across all the specialties we cover to provide a solution.

By working with us in this way, many clients find that we become an integral part of their recruitment team and that we are able to directly support them in their communities, hospitals and clinics.

Preferred Provider

We can work with clients as a sole provider or contracted provider to offer a simple and easy to manage solution for them, such as a viral recruitment campaign or bespoke search and selection approach.

As a preferred provider we will also deliver a suite of engagement models and client management tools, including centralised invoicing, management information and usage profiles analysis.