Global Medics Australasia introduces innovative Flexible Benefits Initiative

Global Medics Australasia introduces innovative Flexible Benefits Initiative

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Global Medics Australasia introduces innovative Flexible Benefits Initiative

Empowering our employees with a valuable benefit not just for benefit’s sake

Julijana Kocovska

Flexibility. Most employers are now offering flexibility as a standard work practice. Becoming an employer of choice requires businesses to come to the party and offer employees a valuable benefit that isn’t simply a benefit for benefit’s sake. But how do you ensure your employees believe you are delivering something that they can truly gain value from at this juncture in their lives? 

Like many employers, we have a diverse employee base with employees at significantly different stages of life. It’s virtually impossible to roll out benefits programs that will meet the needs of all employees – or is it?

Our ambition became clear: how do we empower our employees to customise their unique workplace experience with Medacs Global Group?

This was a question to which our Managing Director had a visionary answer for. His desire was to introduce a customisable benefits scheme whereby employees chose the benefit that best suited them. As a medical recruiter, there was a natural synergy to focus our benefits on general health and well-being.

After extensive consultation with our employees to ascertain their keen interests and pinch points in life, a preliminary suite of flexible benefits was developed. The pick and mix of offerings recognise each unique employee and their unique life circumstances, enabling them to obtain the specific support they desire from the business. Their experience becomes customisable and remains 100% in their control.

The result?

A Flexible Benefit program providing employees 5 different benefits to choose from:

  • Health and well-being subsidy – to support their health and well-being goals, such as gym memberships through to healthy eating plans, private health cover, physio appointments and yoga classes through to supplements.
  • Additional paid leave – this benefit encourages the employee to plan and take regular breaks throughout the year to avoid (the all too common) burnout.
  • Family Leave - to support employee’s work/life balance. Available for employees to attend their kid’s parent/teacher afternoons or school awards moments or improve the quality of time with their family whether it be with their children, parents or partner, without having to cut into their annual leave time for these precious moments.
  • Personal Development Subsidy –for courses designed to improve the state of an employee’s emotional intelligence, mental well-being or functional competency.
  • Additional superannuation – to allow employees plan for their future and improve their financial well-being.

Healthy heart. Healthy mind. Emotional and financial well-being.

But what makes this program different?

There are two elements that bring this program to life:

  1. Choice – an employee can customise their experience, providing them with choice and ownership over their experience with us as an employer. As their lives grow and their journeys change, this initiative supports them.
  2. We Care – genuinely. One of our core values is “We Care”. “We Care” is brought to life with this initiative, demonstrating to employees our values mean something and as an employer we put our money where our mouth is.

Still in infancy the full impact of the program is yet to be realised, but it has created positive chatter within the business with 100% uptake on the benefits offered.

We are excited to track the changes over time as the demographics of the organisation continue to evolve. Indeed, commentary and feedback will be captured in ongoing feedback surveys. 

We recently submitted our Flexible Benefits program for the APSCO Awards for Excellence 2019 in the Health and Well-being category. As a shortlisted finalist for this category, we believe the judging panel saw exactly what we see in our program and we look forward to celebrating best practice with our industry peers on the 8th August.

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