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Algarve Training Camp Update

In a bid to raise €10,000 for an ambulance for the Order of Malta Ronan Corrigan, Mark Compton and Davy Glen attended a training camp in the Algarve in preparation for the Chicago Marathon. The camp ran from 12 April to 16 April 2017 and was led by Olympic and Commonwealth medal winners, Liz McColgan and John Nuttall.

The team took part in a range of activities and training sessions.

Mark Compton reveals, “We had no idea what was around the corner. Although we expected a tough week, aqua sprints, track sessions and single leg lunges were only ‘running talk’ to us. Ronan, the more serious runner of the three took to it like a duck to water and ran like an Olympian from day one. Davy and I however struggled slightly at the beginning, but after gritting our teeth and plodding away, step after step, we began to make great inroads. So much so, that by day four, the one and only Liz McColgan (British Olympian and our coach) referred to us as ‘athletes’. This was our proudest running moment to date and was probably worth the hip, calf, ankle, shin, and hamstring pain we endured for five nights and six days. We learned so much over the week and are all very excited about our running going forward.”

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