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IR35 Resources and Helpful Links for Doctors

We have collated a list of resources and useful webpages which provide more guidance about the IR35 legislation.

April 2020 changes to off-payroll working for intermediaries (Published 22 August 2019)

HRMC guidance: Off-payroll working in the public sector: changes to the intermediaries legislation (published 8 March 2017)

HMRC employment status tool (published 2 March 2017 - Updated 28 January 2020)

HMRC guidance: off-payroll working in the public sector (published 3 February 2017 - updated 22 August 2019)

HMRC guidance: using a personal service company (published 3 February 2017 - updated 22 August 2019)

HMRC guidance: find out if IR35 applies to you (published 22 August 2019 - updated 28 February 2020)

HMRC guidance: what to do if IR35 applies (published 14 June 2014 - updated 22 August 2019)

HMRC helpline 

NHS improvement update: application of the IR35 rules (published 30 May 2017)

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