To help you with your wellness journey, we have compiled a range of articles and helpful blogs written by professionals who understand mental health and wellbeing within the health and social care sector. Sit back and catch up on important wellness updates and helpful tips from those in the know.

Featured Article 

Global Medics is proud to launch their online support portal
It’s no secret that working on the frontline can trigger many mental health and wellbeing concerns. When your work is focused on caring for others, particularly in these challenging times, it’s all the more important that you feel able to speak openly about your own mental health, and be able to access help and support when you need it.
This is why we are launching our online support portal for doctors across the UK. We spoke to Candidate Engagement Manager Laura Dugdale to find out more.

Featured Blog 

Global Medics Partners with The Joyful Doctor to Offer Self-Help Webinars
As part of our partnership with The Joyful Doctor, we are pleased to be able to deliver a range of helpful webinars designed to support you, our hard-working doctors in the UK and Ireland.
The webinars will explore some of the challenging feelings we have all been experiencing and examine how we can manage these for the times ahead.