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Global Medics works with a New Zealand based immigration consultancy, which assists our doctors and their families to obtain a work visa once Global Medics have secured employment. Our immigration specialists provide a non-obligatory assessment of your requirements to ensure that the application process is stress-free, as the process to obtain a visa can be quite daunting. Global Medics will be on hand at every step of the process.

Listed below are some links you may find useful in helping you understand the immigration process in New Zealand and guidance on the application process.

For further information about this please visit:

How do I become eligible to work in New Zealand?

It is important that you hold registration (or almost hold registration) with the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) before making an immigration application. The actual registration certificate is not required unless already held, but before a visa can be approved the letter which the MCNZ sends out as a final step before interview must be submitted. This letter essentially confirms eligibility for registration, subject to attending the interview once you arrive onshore and must be included with your immigration application.

Which Visa is Required?

For an overview of the various skilled work and residence visa options click on the link below: New Zealand Immigration Services

For more details, fact sheets can be found by clicking on the following link:


Costs for visas and work permits vary according to the country that you are applying from. Please see the website for more details:


The amount of time it takes to process a visa or work permit again varies according to where your application is being processed, but work visas can take as little as ten working days via the London Embassy, for example.

Application Process

You will need to compile the paperwork required from your side and Global Medics will compile any client documentation that is needed. The application is then submitted to your nearest embassy.

The link below will direct you to the appropriate forms along with guides on how to complete the forms and what supporting documentation you will need to provide:

If you intend to be in New Zealand for one year or more, you will need to submit medical certificates:

If you intend to remain working in New Zealand for two years or more you will also need to obtain police certificates:

Residency applications for families are submitted as one application.

Can My Family Apply for a Work Visa?

If you are applying for a work visa, your partner can also apply for a work visa based on your relationship. This would give them the freedom to work for whomever they like. Alternatively, they could apply for a visitor visa.

Children also require a visitor visa (if pre-school age) or a student visa (if school age). The child or children of a worker can attend school as a domestic student therefore international student fees will not be required. For tertiary institutions, they would need to enrol in a course and pay international student fees.

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