Looking for opportunities further afield? 

Do you dream of working on the sunshine coast? A life in the outback or the bustling cities of Christchurch, Sydney, or Perth?
Working in Australasia offers endless opportunities, variety of workplaces and settings, and an enviable lifestyle. Only with Global Medics will you benefit from:


  • Specialist service with your own dedicated consultant
  • A hassle-free move and job search, whereby we will coordinate interviews, negotiate contracts, and assist with your registration and visa needs 
  • Organised coordination of all your travel and accommodation 
  • Twice weekly payroll
Throughout Med Day, our team from Down Under will be on hand to speak with you, however please feel free to contact us using the form below for a no obligation career chat. We are on hand to walk you through the process and qualifications needed to make the move to turn your dreams into reality.
If you’re thinking of moving to Australia, our living and working guide can be found here. For New Zealand, click here.

To discuss careers, relocating abroad and your chance to win €500, please complete for form below: