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Visas and Work Permits

The Australian Federal Government, through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), has established long stay temporary residence business visas to Australia, in the form of the 457 and 422 visas.

These visas allow overseas doctors to be sponsored by and employed to work in Australian hospitals or medical organisations in Australia for periods of three months up to four years. In some instances, those visas can lead to permanent residence or can be extended (by further application) on-shore in Australia. You must have a job offer before applying for your visa.

Medical Registration

Each Australian state has a Medical Registration Board (or equivalent) and it must assess and recognise your medical qualifications before you can apply for your visa and are able to work as a medical practitioner in an Australian hospital or medical organisation. Global Medics will assist you in processing your application on acceptance of a job offer.


The 457 visa is used when medical practitioners are sponsored by the hospitals they are employed to work in. The 422 visa is normally used for medical practitioners who are employed as General Practitioners to work in General Practice (GP) surgeries. Both visas are similar in effect but have slightly different application forms and procedures. Also, labour market testing is usually required to be undertaken by sponsors for subclass 422 visas, who have to demonstrate a “need” for employing overseas doctors.

Visa Process

The 457 visa process has three stages. The first two stages are undertaken by the employer or on the employer’s behalf. The third stage is carried out by the medical practitioner or on their behalf. The three stages are as follows:

  • Stage one: sponsorship application
  • Stage two: nomination application
  • Stage three: visa application by medical practitioner

Some employers, and particularly government operated hospitals in Australia, will already have a number of pre-approved sponsorship approvals in place and will normally only have to apply for the “nomination” of the particular medical practitioner they wish to employ, once that person is identified and the terms of employment have been agreed.

Global Medics attends to the necessary stages on behalf of both the hospital and doctor depending upon the practice of the relevant hospital or health authority.

Medical Examinations

All temporary visa applicants and accompanying family members require medical examinations and x-rays. The grant of the visa is conditional upon all applicants and any family members receiving medical clearances. If you have any health concerns we recommend that you should immediately seek advice as to the visa implications. The level of medical requirements varies from country to country. Only certain panel doctors approved by DIAC can provide immigration medicals and x-rays. The panel doctors in each country can be accessed through and follow the links to “search” for “Immigration Panel Doctors”, which provides a country by country listing of panel doctors and their locations.

You will need to make an appointment with a panel doctor who will guide you through the process and refer you to an appropriate radiology practice for x-rays. You must attach a passport size photograph to each form for each applicant and each family member accompanying you and produce your current passport at the time of the examination and x-rays. A separate form is required for each applicant and can be supplied by Global Medics. All medical results are sent to the Local Clearance Unit (LCU) Health Processing Centre in Sydney for assessment.

Application Lodgement and Approval

Once you have Medical Registration Board approval, then all other documents required for your application can be prepared, lodged and processed by Global Medics. This application can be completed electronically and our Registered Migration Agent can attend to this process on your behalf. You should allow four to six weeks for processing.

Application Form Completion

To help facilitate a smooth application process, Global Medics will provide the relevant forms to be completed as accurately as possible. Only photocopies of original documents should be lodged with Global Medics. You need to provide the following supporting documentation:

  • Passport (applicant and accompanying family members)
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Evidence of qualifications including degrees, diplomas or other relevant training or skill certificates
  • Detailed resume of the applicant
  • Work references for applicant
  • Confirmation of Medical Registration Board approval
  • Employment contract
  • Copy of any English language proficiency test results
  • Military discharge certificate, if relevant
  • Four passport sized photographs (two for medical forms and two for Global Medics for each applicant and each accompanying family member)

Understandably the process and paper work can look rather daunting at first but Global Medics have a dedicated Registrations and Administration team in Australia and the UK to assist you. Contact us with any queries you may have.

A member of the team will be in touch once we have received your enquiry.
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