Crown Commercial Service
Crown Commercial Service

At the heart of our service innovation sit the people we serve. By listening to and responding to what they tell us about our services, we are able to tailor our NHS services to suit their needs.

Global Medics Group Consortium which incorporates Doctors on Call (our sister company) & Global Medics were awarded inclusion in the latest Government Procurement Service (GPS) national framework agreement, the most advanced and developed supply chain agreement they had introduced to date.

In view of central governments increased focus on best value for money the GPS was included into the Crown Commercial Service and was brought together, as one organisation under the direct function of the Cabinet Office.  The Global Medics Consortium has been awarded inclusion in the framework for both Lot 2 the supply chain of medical locums and lot 3 for the supply of direct engagement of doctors.

Through the development of the requirements of the framework agreements Global Medics has developed a suite of tailored solutions from a bespoke master vendor solutions to multiple tier 1 agreements.

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