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Benefits of working in Ireland

There are countless benefits to building your medical career in Ireland, including the opportunity to experience an exceptionally friendly and welcoming country. Voted the friendliest country in the world by the Lonely Planet Guide. Ireland has beautiful landscapes, a thriving multicultural scene and a lower cost of living than the UK.

With doctors in demand in Ireland, there are some excellent packages on offer and eligibility rules are more flexible than most.

Typical permanent salaries in Ireland range from €50,000 – €70,000 for a registrar and €120,000 – €140,000 for a consultant.

Hourly rates for locums are typically between €50-€70 per hour for a registrar and €87-€95 for a consultant.

Please note that relocation packages and benefits vary depending on the role, grade and hospital or region chosen.

About Global Medics

Global Medics is a preferred framework provider of locum doctors to HSE hospitals in Ireland. We are proud to have well-established relationships with every hospital in Ireland and a solid reputation for exemplary industry standards worldwide. An agreement with the HSE also means all doctors who work through us are automatically covered for Clinical Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.


There are several routes for registration in Ireland, depending on your circumstances.

If you commenced your internship in South Africa after 1 July 2006 you can avoid any examinations and get your internship recognised under the General Registration route. This is the most popular option.

If you commenced your internship prior to this date, you must either pay a fee to sit the PRES (Pre-Registration Examination System) examinations or provide evidence of recent results of tests undergone for registration in other regions (e.g. PLAB/USMLE/MCCEE/AMC)

If you have completed higher specialist training and wish to register as a specialist (Category E) a one-off cost of €4000 must be paid for the registration process, which takes around 8 weeks.

Our specialist consultants are on hand to advise you on all aspects of registration.

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