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Locum Jobs for Junior Doctors across New Zealand

Global Medics is a leading supplier of doctors to all DHB’s across New Zealand and has been for the past four years. As the demand for Junior Doctors continues in New Zealand, this is an excellent time to consider locum work.

So why should you, a Junior Doctor choose to do locum work? There are many benefits including:

– Well paid hourly and daily rates.
– Extra income to assist funding studies and courses.
– A variety of locum dates and shifts, ranging from one day to three months.
– A wide selection of city and rural hospitals across the north and south islands.
– Experience working with a variety of Consultants, great networking opportunities and exposure to different patient presentations.

From a hospital’s perspective, you enable them to continue to deliver their services and relieve their internal staff workload. Hospitals would struggle to cope without locum Junior Doctors.

We currently have a wide range of locum jobs available for Junior Doctors within emergency medicine, surgery, general medicine, paediatrics and psychiatry.

Our dedicated team of Recruitment Consultants, who specialise in the Junior Doctor market, liaise directly with the hospital on your behalf and provide you with all the information to ensure you are well prepared before you start your locum role. We aim to deliver a personalised service including:

– Locum scheduling/planning services to ensure we book you for the right job and the right time.
– Coordinate all your locum arrangements, including travel and accommodation.
– Assistance with the hospital’s compliance requirements.
– The latest and widest range of locum jobs across New Zealand.

To view the latest Junior Doctor locum jobs in New Zealand CLICK HERE or contact Adam Benko at adam.benko@globalmedics.com or call +64 9 281 24 55.