Global Medics Survey – Insight 3

Work-Life Balance Matters

In our recent survey of doctors from around the world, 84% of respondents indicated that a favourable work-life balance was a key consideration for them when considering new employment opportunities. This is hardly surprising given the overwhelming view that a career in medicine requires hard work and long hours, often under significant stress and with insufficient personal and professional support.

If the work is that hard, one may ask why would anyone want to be a doctor? Yet, more than 80% of respondents indicated they would choose the same profession if they had to do it all again – 60% in the same speciality of medicine, 21% in a different speciality. Only 16% said they would follow a different career if they could start over. Of those who indicated they would pursue a different career, GP’s were the most represented, and specialists the least.

Although about 60% of respondents said they would encourage younger people to study medicine, this represented only about 50% of female respondents, but 62% of male respondents. There were many interesting comments about the best advice a doctor would give to an aspiring medical student – some of which will be summarised in a later blog.

Coming back to the question of work-life balance, there appears to be a significant opportunity for employers to think carefully about the way they structure long term career options for their medical staff. It is evident from our work that doctors value this more than any other consideration when weighing up career options.

From a recruitment perspective, Global Medics has invested heavily to ensure our recruitment consultants understand the value of offering career or locum opportunities which extend beyond the requirements of the work day.

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