Global Medics Survey – Insight 1

Every year we conduct a survey of select doctors from around the world, registered with Global Medics, to identify and understand important trends in the medical workforce which impact our business and our industry. This year, just under 500 doctors completed the online survey between 13 May and 01 July, with the majority of respondents from Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Canada.

More than half (54%) of respondents identified as specialists, 74% are male and almost 60% were in the 36 – 55 year age bracket. Two in five respondents were in full time permanent employment, and a third were doing locum work at the time. Two thirds of doctors surveyed indicated they work in the public sector, and a further 26% had dual private-public appointments.

Amongst other things, the survey set out to understand which employment factors are important to doctors seeking a new role; how these factors relate to recruitment and retention, job satisfaction and overall performance; how doctors prefer to engage with the careers market; what opportunities and barriers exist for international employment; overall satisfaction with their career choices; and best advice to people thinking about a medical career.

I was interested to note that overall, “remuneration” had dropped back to only the fourth most important consideration when thinking about new career opportunities. Can you guess what factor topped the ranking? It appears that our appreciation of a lifestyle – balanced between work, personal and family time – has emerged as the single most important factor in determining what careers (or jobs) we now prefer. Interestingly though, the idea of what constitutes the “ideal” working environment seem less structured and signals opportunity for the best employers to pay more attention to the value they offer to their physician employees in creating long and mutually rewarding professional engagements.

There are many more insights from the survey which I will share over the coming weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to add your comments about the findings of our survey in these snippets to our blog page. I am interested to hear how they relate (or not) to your experience.