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Australia – Cardiac and Resuscitation Accredited Training Course

Sydney, Australia – Saturday 16 May 2015 – 9.00am to 4.00pm.
Due to popular demand this course is now full. Please register your interest below to be contacted regarding future course dates.

Global Medics Australia in partnership with Associate Professor Peter Kas and is pleased to announce the first training course which is accredited for a one day grant in anesthetic or emergency medicine by the RACGP. The training course will be held at our Martin Place, Sydney office on Saturday 16 May 2015 from 9.00am – 4.00pm.

Cardiac and Resuscitation

One of the most stressful situations in emergency departments involves resuscitation and the cardiac patient. The ability to read the ECG and determine even subtle changes is all important irrespective if you are in an emergency department, ICU or on the wards.

The ability to recognise and treat common arrhythmias is paramount to patient survival. The ability to diagnose subtle changes in ischaemia and be able to differentiate them from early repolarization and pericarditis, or the changes of pulmonary embolism and raised intracranial pressure gives you a significant diagnostic advantage.

The ability to resuscitate, or be part of a team that does requires knowledge not only of the Resuscitation guidelines but the theory behind them. The advanced cardiac resuscitation part of this course looks at what makes up the chain of survival and the theory behind it and allows you to update and refine your skills.

The Cardiac and Resuscitation Course Program

9.00-10.30 Reading the ECG in 20 Seconds
This is a shorter version of the full ECG workshop that Dr Kas gives and allows you to use the system developed to rapidly and accurately read ECG’s.

11.00-11.30 Approach to Arrhythmias
We will look at the most common arrhythmias that can occur including ventricular tachycardia (and how to diagnose it), supraventricular tachycardia, WPW with AF as well as the crashing AF patient.

11.30-12.30 The Chest Pain Patient
Chest pain is the most common presenting complaint to emergency departments. This talk gives you a detailed look at how cardiac ischaemia can present. You will be surprised at the variations that the literature shows from the classic textbook approach.

13.00-16.00 ACLS Review
We will discuss the approach to resuscitation, as well as the theory behind, defibrillation and drugs and CPR. We also look at the airway in this environment and you get a chance to practice some intubation.

Date/Time, Location and Course Cost

Date: Saturday 16 May 2015 from 9.00am – 4.00pm

Location: Global Medics Australia office – 14 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000. The office is easily accessible from Martin Place or Wynyard train stations. Global Medics will be providing refreshments and food on the day.

The cost for attendance is $150 for Doctors working or previously worked through Global Medics and $250 Doctors not worked through Global Medics.

Due to popular demand this course is now full. Please register your interest below to be contacted regarding future course dates.

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